Roadtrip to Cinque Terre

Milan – Cinque Terre

After being in crazy Paris for three weeks we flew to Milan, to visit our dear friend Sonia. I worked with her in Tenerife in a hostel and we promised each other to reunite soon.  This is how we ended up in Italy and it was my first trip to this beautiful country.

So the first thing we did was plan our roadtrip to the seaside. I loved this citytrip Nina and me did, but I really missed the ocean, waves and nature during our journey. Although there are no waves in Italy I was the happiest girl when we arrived in Cinque Terre after 2 hours of driving to La Spezia where we took the train to Monterosso.

the “five lands“

The Italians call it Cinque Terre – the five lands, because of the picturesque little villages Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso that are so characteristic and unique in their own way.

We hopped off the train from La Spezia in Monterosso and literally ran to the beach. In Italy you have to pay for the beach in a lot of places, so we just sat nearby on rocks and had an amazing view of the beach in Monterosso.

I’ve been really impressed by the colour of the water there. I don’t know with what to compare it, but the blue of the ocean is so unique and as beautiful as the sea in Bali to me.



After swimming in the ocean and enjoying the sun we took the train to Corniglia to explore this little village. The sea there isn’t as nice as in Monterosso and the village is uphill and not at the beach. You can either take the bus or walk, but the view you have from up there is dreamy.

You arrive at the marketplace of the little village and from there one can perfectly explore the little streets, view points and restaurants of Corniglia. We found this one viewpoint from where you can see Manarola and a beautiful remote beach with crystal clear blue water. Anyway, let the pictures do the talking.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.