Surf & Yoga in Canggu

Are you looking for a place to relax and let go of all the negative energy and tension in your life?

If so, you have to go to Serenity Eco Guesthouse in Canggu when in Bali. The Guesthouse is located 5 minutes walking distance from Batu Bolong beach where you can surf and chill out on the beach.

The concept of this place is simple: you stay in a beautiful smoke and alcohol free zone with like minded people and you can go to the daily yoga clases, massages, yummy vegan restaurant of the Guesthouse and chill out at the pool.

The yoga classes are held in the Gueshouse where the different yoga studios are.           The teachers are well trained and it doesn’t matter which yoga level you’re on. They have a beginner class to make you familiar with the breathing and some postures, but also they have Vinyasa or Hatha classes for all levels in which everyone can participate.

Furthermore meditation classes are on the daily schedule and also Aerial Yoga can be tried. I really liked the diversity of yoga classes that are provided, the organisation of this place and the nice staff that always helps you out.


Surfing in Batu Bolong

Yoga is amazing for improving you flexibility while surfing and also good to get a stretch after a hard surf session. That’s why I started practicing Yoga and also I love the calmness my body feels after every yoga session.

So if you’re staying in Serenity you should really go surfing in the famous Batu Bolong Beach just in front of you where amazing thick, gentle waves break, that are perfect for learning the take-off and turning.

How does this spot work? You should paddle out right in front of the Temple on the beach, because this is the easiest way to get out to the line-up. Here is the channel, the current out to the waves.

Also you should go surfing when its midtide, because this is then the waves are best and you can enjoy it the most. Once you’re out there you can start paddling for a nice left or right hander that break on the reef. As the sand moves around the reef, there are different peaks.

In general, people say if you are comfortable with the waves in Kuta you can go to Canggu to improve and learn more. Also it is a bit bigger in Canggu than in Kuta but still beginner-friendly.