Chasing waterfalls in Lombok

Why do we fly 15 hours around the globe into the big unknown? Being away from my loved ones and out of my comfort zone, I started asking me this question.

The answer for me is: Because of the magic we find in the places we’ll go and the feeling we get when we see what the world has to offer. Also seeing how other people experience the world makes me feel a certain way.

Excactly that’s what I found on my trip to Lombok. Beautiful nature, good surf, authentic impressions of the people and their everyday life.

Kuta Lombok

The Hostel I stayed in is called Pipes Hostel and I highly recommend it. It has a great vibe and is the perfect place to be for a solo-traveller. Besides that it is clean and cheap.

Driving a scooter to get to get to the center of Kuta and to the several surfspots nearby is necessary. Let’s say you have to be your own transport, because taking a cab or a driver all the time is very pricy and the infrastructure is poorly developed.

Daytrip to Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu

After a lot of surfing and Yoga I went to see the waterfalls located in the Mt Rinjani Nationalpark in Central Lombok. After 1,5 hours of driving through little villages, local markets and stunning rice fields we arrived there. What a a magical experience!

Compared to the waterfalls I’ve been to in Bali (Nung Nung and Tegenungang) these are almost deserted and incredibly beautiful. I love waterfalls and for me it’s always a pleasure to take a swim in the cold fresh water and feel close to nature.

So if you’re in Lombok, there a plenty things to do and visiting these two waterfalls that are located 1 km from each other should definitely be one of them!